Santa Rita Home Health Mission, Vision, Purpose and Values

Mission Statement

Santa Rita Home Health is committed to providing compassionate, quality care in the patient’s home, with integrity, by focusing on the unique needs of patients, their families and our communities.

Vision Statement

It is our common vision that as a community-based home health agency, we shall assume a role as health educators for our community that will:

• Educate the caregiver and the community, so the patient may be empowered to take responsibility in becoming independent.

• Guarantee a community-oriented service committed to delivering the highest quality and most cost-effective home health care and related services.

• To help heal the patient emotionally, physically and maintain the family unit. Invest and reinvest our resources in the community and staff.


The purpose of Santa Rita Home Health is to allow patients to recover in the comfort of their homes when they no longer qualify for in-patient medical care but still require skilled health care to steer and facilitate their rehabilitation and recovery from an illness or an injury.


This agency is committed to providing an environment that supports the following to achieve excellence in the workplace:

Citizenship: To obey all federal, state and local laws and regulations and do our part to enhance the communities in which we live.

Honesty: To be truthful and forthright with one another, with our patients, clients, communities, suppliers and Governing Body.

Integrity: To say what we mean, to deliver what we promise and to stand for what is right.

Respect: To treat one another with fairness and dignity and appreciate the diversity of our workforce and the uniqueness of each individual.

Responsibility: To perform our jobs efficiently and report concerns in the workplace including violations of laws, standards and regulations, agency policies and procedures.

Trust: To build confidence through teamwork and open candid communication.